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Three Ways Modular Can Power Your Energy Business

Energy is the backbone of society, it is the foundation to just about every facet of private and business life. Whether electricity, wind, water, oil, gas or nuclear, successfully harnessing all-important power sources isn’t easy. That’s why the energy sector is a perfect fit for modular buildings, which can be specifically built to meet the rigorous space demands of this highly dynamic industry.

Three ways energy industry work sites can benefit from modular:


Energy producers are constantly on the move, taking capacity on- and off-line as business demands require. The pressures created from weather- and climate-related concerns, plant turnarounds or outages, population swings, legislative changes and environmental factors dictate that change is the norm. 

Modular buildings – portable offices, security houses, relay stations and storage containers, to name a few – help ease the stress of such fluctuations, adding safe, durable and dependable on-location space so work-site productivity never skips a beat.

Need for Speed

Much of this change comes rapidly, and modular units – prefabricated yet easily customized with WillScot’s 360° Service packages – can be delivered in a matter of days thanks to our sizable North American inventory. No matter the location, modular units can be mobilized and put to work in short order.

Short-Term Solutions

Field operations can change even when energy companies are already onsite. Need more locker room, dining or office space? Would another secure and weather-resistant steel storage container help you protect your valuable equipment? Modular units can be added and subtracted as demand necessitates.

And when your drilling or construction operation has ceased and you’re ready to move on – perhaps from one remote location to another – modular units can be relocated or reconfigured.

From electric to nuclear power plants and everything in between, modular space solutions can keep operations humming. 

Looking for examples? Here are a just few case studies highlighting the ways WillScot has supported the energy sector:

Hawaiian Electric’s Kahe Power Plant

Located on the west coast of Oahu, generates 651 megawatts of power for the Island of Oahu. When the plant’s personnel needed to be moved out of older onsite trailers to newer modulars, they called WillScot’s subsidiary Hawaii Modular Space to handle the job. Hawaii Modular Space has proudly served Hawaiian Electric with modular space for more than 20 years.

Within three months, Hawaii Modular Space delivered six buildings: one 36' x 60' and five 24' x 60' units to Kahe. Because the modular units were located on the site of a power plant, EPA regulations had to be reviewed and followed precisely. The plant is only one street away from the ocean and Kahe Beach Park, a popular spot for snorkeling and diving, so modulars also had to be outfitted with special “dark sky” exterior lighting. This special lighting ensured that when the beach park’s indigenous birds flew at night they would not fly into the buildings and be harmed in any way.

Nuclear Power Plant

A large nuclear plant in a remote and hilly area of the mid-south was ready to undertake a planned outage, which included refueling the reactor. WillScot provided a 12-unit complex in the first phase and a 14-unit complex in the second phase. The job, which was completed safely, on time and on budget, included:

Dining room and kitchen
Break room
Wi-Fi-enabled conference room with office equipment and printers, scanners, monitors and whiteboards
Four-unit complex for holding safety training and badging
First aid station
Separate offices for project managers, engineers and financial personnel and cubicles for other team members

Energy is a hard-working industry that operates 24-7 and often in harsh conditions. If you want to boost your energy company’s operations, look to modular space solutions to power you forward.

No matter the industry, WillScot can provide a modular solution for you
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