Williams Scotsman

Serving the Last Frontier: Williams Scotsman in Alaska

The Aleuts named her Alyeska or Great Land. She is a state known for wide-open vistas, mountains, dense forests, glaciers, abundant wildlife and natural resources. She boasts the northernmost, the easternmost and the westernmost points in the United States.  She can freeze you to death or delight you on a summer day. She is Alaska.

Companies working in this beautiful but wild state must be up to the task of dealing with her many personality changes. You have to be flexible, resourceful, tenacious and respectful of the land. WillScot understands Alaska because our service team and contractors proudly call her home.

WillScot’s modular space suits Alaska. Our modulars are built to handle the Alaskan environment. They transport easily across her miles of paved highways and can stand alone or be assembled, like blocks, to create workforce communities on the edge of the Arctic Circle (read more about the Kodiak camp in our previous blog post).

The need for quality temporary space is the same – whether it’s in a congested metropolitan city or a snowbound camp in faraway northern climes. The difference between success and failure in either setting depends on the team you choose to support your efforts. Our video sums up how we feel about Alaska, the services we provide, and the people who live and work in our modular solutions. 

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