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Guide to Leveraging Modular Space in Construction

Today’s construction industry is rapidly evolving in every aspect, as technological innovations improve both the methods crews use to do their jobs as well as the end product. In this environment, highly functional, secure, easily reconfigured or relocated construction modular units can be crucial elements to your success.

But not all modular space is created equal, nor is it delivered complete with furnishings and accessories making it ready to work upon delivery. At WillScot, we believe the last thing you need is to get bogged down figuring out how to make your temporary space functional while you’re busy working to keep your construction jobs humming. 

Ready to Work is our innovative approach to delivering a space solution that’s immediately operational so you can focus on what you do best. We know our job, and we’ve made a point to also know yours. This understanding has led us to think beyond just the temporary building to a total approach that includes what goes inside the space as well. Our essential packages include desks, chairs, tables, appliances, steps, and ramps, all chosen to work within our mobile office floor plans. By providing all the pieces to the puzzle, we save you and your busy crews and contractors valuable time by creating work space that is productive from day one. That means your project manager is free to focus on the actual project, instead of scrambling to set up logistics for every piece related to your temporary space needs.

Here are a few ways our Ready to Work modular space can empower you and everyone on your construction team to be immediately more productive:


Contractors and construction workers need an area to meet and plan the project itself. Our mobile offices provide a convenient, cost-efficient, customizable, temporary office space available for quick delivery. With the broad range of construction site types, from desolate outreaches in the wilderness to cramped cityscapes, we offer a wide selection of options to meet a variety of portable office space needs. Those include standard single-wide units that are ready to roll right now, and customizable Flex™ units that are stackable to three floors and panelized, allowing for maximum flexibility in design configuration. 


Whether you rent or purchase equipment for your projects, you’ll need storage space for ladders, scaffolds, excavators and more. Modular units provide a secure, weather-resistant solution. We provide a wide-ranging inventory of 20' and 40' steel storage containers that arrive clean and immediately Ready to Work. As part of our total solutions packages, we also provide a variety of additional products, including locks, pipe racks and shelf brackets, saving you time and money. When you need storage space, our portable storage containers are the smart solution.

Swing Space

Perhaps you’ve been tasked with a commercial renovation contract. Or maybe it’s a school, office park, hospital or other business. Part of your job is to help your client stay in business with minimal disruption during expansion or rebuilding. 

WillScot has extensive experience helping just about every industry negotiate renovations. For example, Riverdale Country School in the Bronx, New York, turned to us because of their tight deadline and difficult permitting situation. Experience helps. 

As a construction industry expert, you should be able to advise your own clients as to what their best swing space options are. Talk to us about how we can further support you as you do. 

The construction industry is where it all began for WillScot, and we have well over a half century’s experience to support that knowledge. 

Let’s keep building together. 

No matter the industry, WillScot can provide a modular solution for you
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