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Dominate High-Demand Sports Events with Modular Space

“Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder and give more than anyone else.”
- Vince Lombardi

As touchdowns are scored, home runs are blasted and three-pointers are drained, the stakes rise for everyone involved in professional athletics, both on and off the field. 

Although interest in regular-season sporting events is significant, the demand for support infrastructure at arenas and stadiums rises exponentially when teams enjoy success and reach the postseason. The operational scope increases for broadcasters, security, concessions, catering and hospitality too. All of that adds up to a need for more space.

Even the top golf and tennis clubs are only called upon to host tournaments annually or occasionally. When the big game comes to town or it’s the club’s turn to host the championship, venue operations managers increasingly cure their anxieties about handling the traffic crush with the same two-word remedy: modular space.

Trailers for sporting events, temporary and flexible, have become increasingly high-tech and efficient, making them perfect additions to the stadium infrastructure before, during and after high-demand events such as postseason games and annual championships. 

Modular buildings are constructed to pass all local zoning regulations, making them ideally suited as broadcast centers, operational office space, restroom facilities, sales centers and ticket booths. Venues also install temporary modular space to be used as pro shops, locker rooms, first aid stations, conference rooms, security control centers, cafés and even shower rooms.

WillScot has worked with hundreds of companies, including broadcast networks, to house people and equipment during major sports events. When the NFL’s Big Game came to the New York area, for example, we supplied 180 units to multiple companies involved in putting on the show. Among them was FOX Sports Network, for whom we installed a 28-unit modular broadcast complex. Because, of course, the last thing you want are operational snafus when 112.2 million people are watching. No fumbles allowed.

We’ve also worked with FOX to supply modular space solutions for the Major League Baseball playoffs, including building a three-story broadcast station outside Boston’s historic – though space-squeezed – Fenway Park.

Like the retail and commercial companies, schools and communities with whom we also work, sports team space solutions require flexibility of product and turnkey support, allowing for the temporary space to come online as soon as its needed and disappear promptly after event completion. 

Planning a major sporting event? We’re here with the right modular solution to help you go longer, work harder and give more. 

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