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Do You Have the Storage for the Holiday Inventory Influx?

Sure, we just celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving is still weeks away, but ‘tis the season for retailers to plan their inventory strategy. With some economic indicators pointing toward a busy holiday season, it’s not too early for businesses to consider temporary storage containers. Case in point: Walmart, one of the nation’s largest retailers, currently has 485 storage units on order from WillScot in preparation for the upcoming season.

The U.S. economy, particularly middle-class income, is showing the most growth since before the recession. Median middle-class wages rose 5.2 percent between 2014 and 2015 – the first annual increase since 2007, according to Census Department data.

And although layaway programs may seem like a distant memory from Christmas past, they continue to flourish. The layaway option allows consumers to secure desired goods – including big-ticket items such as home appliances – while leaving the products safely in the hands of retailers until payment is complete. These programs are always popular during a recession, and layaways have remained so since the recession of 2008, according to industry newsletter RetailDive.

Benefits of modular space for holiday retail storage

Holding inventory requires space, often more than retailers possess. Does a layaway program require your business to house a lot of inventory heading into the holiday season? Are you readying your store or website to take advantage of what could be a strong sales season this year?

Temporary, flexible and secure steel storage containers may be the answer for a wide variety of goods. Here’s how WillScot’s mobile storage containers help retailers make the most of the most wonderful time of the year:

Different sizes for different needs

WillScot’s large inventory of steel storage containers offers 20’ x 8’ or 40’ x 8’ sizes to fit a variety of retailer needs. They arrive clean and ready for immediate use, often within 48 hours of rental.

Easy access

Containers have locking double steel doors on one or both ends allows an easy path to reach, pull and stow inventory, especially in more limited spaces.

Safe and secure

WillScot’s storage containers are built to withstand the elements, made of weather-resistant steel, protecting the contents and individuals from a variety of weather hazards.


With WillScot’s Add-on Products & Packages, storage containers can be augmented to fit a variety of uses. Options include high-security locks, lighting, shelving, pipe racks and even lockers, if demand requires additional holiday staffing.

Hopefully, the 2016-17 holiday season will bring joy to both shoppers and retailers. Whether it’s a short-term storage container lease to stock up for temporary sales surges or a long-term one after your business soars, WillScot is here to help.
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