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5 Tips for Quickly Reopening Your Business After a Natural Disaster

As parts of the country head into the height of the hurricane and wildfire seasons, it is important to have a plan in place. Businesses that reopen quickly after a natural disaster are far more likely to remain open, even thrive, in the short and long run. To get you on the fast path to recovery, here are some tips and resources you may find useful.

1. Make a Plan

Consider a disaster recovery plan that incorporates an immediate solution followed by permanent rebuilding. Obviously, we’re partial to modular for its speed to delivery, flexible site placement and ease of expansion. Regardless of the building process you choose, laying down a recovery plan from the start will help avoid devastating delays down the road.

2. Act Fast

New permanent construction can take months, even years, and often requires a significant investment before you can resume operations. Temporary buildings can be delivered, configured and ready to use within days of a disaster, so you can see customers sooner and mitigate lost revenue.

3. Embrace Reinvention

Tragedy and opportunity can go hand in hand. As you rebuild your business, consider how a new building can help to relaunch or reinvent your brand, improve day-to-day operations and grow with your business.

4. Get Help

When it comes to post-disaster rebuilding, you don’t have to do it alone. Federal, state and non-profit agencies like FEMA and the American Red Cross are great resources that can help fund and plan your recovery. Partnering with a reputable builder can also help you navigate the ocean of opportunities and the pitfalls that may be ahead of you.

5. Stay the Course

We don’t have to tell you that tough times are ahead. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Businesses that rebuild quickly often find great success that goes well beyond simple recovery.

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