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24/7: Industries That Never Shut Down and How Modular Space Supports Them

Reading this on your 4 a.m. lunch break? Perhaps you know firsthand how valuable modular space is to an industry that never sleeps.

Many businesses are so vital to the communities they serve that continued production is required round-the-clock, often 365 days a year. Those who operate within these worlds aren’t afforded time to go offline for expansion, renovation or repairs. That makes them particularly suited to the benefits of modular space. 

Modular saves time and therefore money, while providing increased flexibility for any industry. These three factors are particularly key for projects that continue at all hours of the day, meeting tight, sometimes life-depending deadlines. 

Here are four 24/7 industries and how modular space keeps them humming along, no matter what the clock says:


Access to healthcare has been a hot-button topic this year, particularly with the push to repeal the Affordable Care Act. While that effort failed, the industry continues to evolve amid changing demographics, increased cost pressures and improved technology. 

Modular serves as vital swing space for healthcare providers who absolutely must keep their emergency rooms and other facilities going during construction or any period of change. It’s also a cost-efficient, timely way to address increased traffic or emergencies of their own.

For example, when Hurricane Rita struck Louisiana, South Cameron Memorial Hospital took a direct hit. The 25-bed acute care facility was the only healthcare facility serving the 10,000 residents of Cameron Parish, the largest of the 64 parishes in Louisiana. The hospital’s management company needed to rebuild the 29,000-square-foot facility quickly and with the latest medical technology to serve the community. Working within an accelerated timeframe, WillScot and its contractor partner delivered complete site preparation services and the 38 modular components comprising the new acute care facility. The multi-million dollar project included 12,000 square feet of emergency facilities, 25 inpatient beds, diagnostic imaging applications, and medical services space. 

Disaster Recovery

Reacting to such crises is very much its own industry. Healthcare providers, emergency crews, firefighters and police are among those who work ceaselessly after disaster strikes. Many within these industries rely on the flexibility, portability and quick accessibility of modular solutions to confront these issues. Units serve as command centers, clean rooms, dormitories and homeless shelters, municipal administration offices and distribution centers for essential services. After the 2010 Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, British Petroleum (BP) needed temporary command centers at five satellite operations. Within two weeks, WillScot delivered 18,000 square feet of fully operational modular space in Louisiana and Alabama, including complexes, portable classrooms, toilet trailers, mobile and ground offices.


The current presidential administration has promised up to $1 trillion in infrastructure spending. If that comes to fruition, many of those managing projects will turn to modular for their office and storage space. 

When the six-lane Woodrow Wilson Bridge, initially built in the 1950s, was unable to handle increased traffic volume, Parsons Brinkerhoff Construction Services trusted our modular products to support the construction of a new, 12-lane bridge connecting Maryland with Virginia. The complexity of the decade-long project required space that could be used during both the planning and construction stages. As the project needs changed, the interior of the space was refitted. Flexibility saves time, and that saves money.


Modular even helps those in the business of keeping your lights on – keep their own lights on.

Sourcing the energy that’s vital to just about everything we do often requires companies to set up camp in rural, hard-to-reach destinations. Operations such as drilling sometimes take place 24 hours a day, though not indefinitely. Modular fills several needs for such itinerant industries, including as storage containers, guard houses, temporary housing, office space and relay stations.   

As methods of capturing energy and related regulations evolve, careful housing and storage of equipment has become increasingly important. WillScot has experience in this area. For example, we helped the Bruce Power Nuclear Generating Station house nuclear monitoring equipment in 14 fully compliant and safe modular units that met new safety requirements.

We’re passionate about solving space problems no matter the complexity or time of day, and we make modular easy, efficient and economical. Whatever your timeline, our products are always “Ready to Work”. 

We’ll even supply the lunchroom. 

No matter the industry, WillScot can provide a modular solution for you
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