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How Modular Construction Reduces Jobsite Noise

The advantages of modular over traditional construction are well documented. Cost effectiveness, sustainability, and speed are at the top of the list. However, one large benefit that’s often overlooked is the significant reduction of construction noise that is associated with using modular construction.

How does modular cut construction noise?

Instead of hammers banging away on a jobsite, modular structures, such as mobile offices and storage containers, are built offsite in controlled factory environments.

Modular construction also requires less onsite preparation, as modular buildings are designed and built to stand on their own, without a foundation, which reduces the amount of time and equipment required to ready a site before the modules can be placed. Minimal site preparation also translates to reduced construction traffic and less noise distraction onsite.

Who benefits the most?

Everyone benefits from less noise. But cutting noise pollution is especially beneficial in some workplace settings.

  • Hospitals and Medical Offices - Without loud construction 24/7, patients have a better chance to rest and recover quickly.
  • Schools - Faster modular construction often means projects can be completed over the summer. For projects that carry into the school year, the reduced noise eliminates distractions and lets students focus on learning.
  • Offices - Conducting business requires the ability to hear colleagues and customers, or at least the ability to concentrate on the task at hand. When businesses choose modular, employees can stay productive so operations stay on track.
  • Retail Stores - Keeping customers during construction is hard enough. Turning the volume down helps retail operations minimize losses.

Next time the sounds of the world around you are drowned out by loud construction, think about modular construction, and how quiet it could be if only the contractor had gone the modular route!

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