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Modulars Keep Car Dealerships on the Road to Success

Some people consider the process of buying a new car – even if it is a used car that’s new to them – an exciting adventure while others might equate it to having a tooth pulled. Regardless of your outlook on the process, most of us do get a thrill when we slide behind the wheel of these bright, shiny machines for the first time and know we simply must possess it.  

Why do we perceive cars that way? Yes, we have had a love affair with cars for well over a century, but marketing has influenced us tremendously to favor that sentiment. Television and magazine advertisements, new car brochures – and now websites – feed the fantasy as do the dealership showrooms that display these objects of desire in all their glory.

The Dealership Dilemma

Dealers know the car is the star and that showing off cars to their best advantage is a showroom’s “raison d’être”. According to highlights published by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) in the first half of 2016, the nation’s 16,680 franchised dealers sold 8.64 million light-duty vehicles. Little wonder that dealerships do not want to suffer any downtime in their stores. Add to that auto manufacturers issue strict showroom specifications to their dealerships to keep those exhibit areas modern, attractive, welcoming and conducive to “sealing the deal”.  In addition, more consideration is shown to the post-purchase areas as well; service center waiting rooms must be comfortable and more work-friendly to minimize unproductive down time for customers too. 


As renovations, additions and new construction are necessary to keep these automobile brick and mortar stores in tip-top shape, contractors are under pressure to get the work done quickly and keep disruptions to a minimum.

What is an automotive facility manager to do? Keep calm, stay on trend and call in the modular units!

How Modulars Keep Things Moving

WillScot has been supplying mobile offices to new and used car dealerships across the country for many years. Just like their colleagues in the construction, energy, industrial and manufacturing industries, dealership facility managers appreciate the flexibility and speed with which they can have additional space delivered to their location, serve as swing space as new construction occurs, and be removed when the temporary need ends. 

Recently, a dealership in Hawaii recruited one of our new products as it was undergoing renovations. As construction was underway, Bill Mickelsen of Infiniti of Honolulu needed a temporary sales office where his sales team could conduct customer meetings. He also wanted the temporary space to be compatible with the image of the luxury brand he represents. Our account executive recommended Flex™, our innovative panelized modular product that had just been introduced to the Hawaiian market. Flex’s sleek and modern lines captured perfectly the look Bill wanted. One 8’x 20’ unit was dispatched immediately to the dealership and positioned in a highly visible location in front of the Infiniti showroom. Flex garnered so many positive reviews from the staff that when the showroom work was completed, the dealership asked us to relocate that unit to another location on the lot, secured a second Flex unit to join it, and dedicated both for use by their service department while it also underwent renovations. 


Not only can WillScot answer dealerships’ calls for temporary space, we also offer packages to completely outfit that space. We have carefully curated a comprehensive offering of chairs, desks, tables, file cabinets, appliances, whiteboards and LED screens and packaged them together according to customer popularity.  The packages can be delivered at the same time as the chosen modular solution. Recently, a BMW dealership in Albuquerque ordered multiple workstation packages for their showroom sales team as well as the temporary modular space we installed on their parking lot. This combination of modular space and everything needed for that space sums up our customer-centric philosophy of being “ready to work” from day one. 

The next time you visit one of the local dealerships in your area, spare a few minutes to notice the environment surrounding the car of your dreams. Staying on trend is a work in progress and chances are you’ll spot the modular solutions that keep that location’s day-to-day operations revved up and running smoothly.

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