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Modular office solutions for a satellite social media data center

The third largest website and social media platform with 1.45 billion daily active users, needed data centers to house their tens of thousands of computer servers. Every time you login to the social media website and share information, these data centers receive that information and distribute it to your network of friends. So, when the social media website announced their plans to construct a 1 million-square-foot data center in Altoona, Iowa, they knew a large construction site with a massive amount of temporary office space was a necessity.

Turner Construction, one of the largest construction management companies in the United States, was named the general contractor for the project. As one of their longstanding vendors, Turner turned to us to deliver the temporary solutions to support them, their subcontractors and the onsite team.

Solution Type: Office, Scope of project: 58,156 square feet, time of occupancy: 7-30 months


Collaboration between 14 branches from coast-to-coast and effective communication between our team of experts and the client was a key to success for a project of this size. Our branches gathered all the resources necessary to make this temporary space city productive, efficient, and enabled our client to be Ready to Work from day one. Not only did our team ensure that all deliveries arrived, but that they arrived in a timely manner.


We supplied wide open units for Turner to build out themselves. The social media data center’s onsite team instructed us to complete the build out of their temporary complex with a shower, kitchenette and carpeting throughout the space. The subcontractor offices were mostly standard units with minimal changes to the existing floor plans.

Room full of tables and chairs

Overall, 129 total units were ordered from branches across the nation including:

  • •31 storage products (containers)
  • •98 traditional products (trailers)

We also provided The Essentials (steps, ramps and skirting) once the temporary space buildings were onsite.

Wood stairs built onto office solution


In spite of some challenging site conditions, we delivered a temporary space solution that enabled Turner and their subcontractors to focus on their work for the social media data center. From the beginning, Turner and their team were able to get right to work and stay productive every day after. But we also provided much more than temporary space and other project Essentials, we provided ease. At WillScot, our solutions are Ready to Work. So from day one, our customers are ready to work.

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