Data Hubs

Our comprehensive Data Hubs support...

your on-site communication needs by equipping your building with phone and data connectivity before delivery getting your operations up and running faster.

Our Data Hubs:

  • Provide a pre-wired data panel including single hook up for phone and data service
  • Include an 8-patch or 48-patch port system ensuring one phone/data jack per office
  • Come equipped with a CAT6 cable at each jack

Eliminate the added expense of installing your communication needs after the fact. With our Data Hub offering you not only get the mobile space you need, but the technological capabilities required to get your operations up and running in no time.


Availability varies by branch location. Additional WillScot products, accessories, services and parts are available at the branch offices, and not included on this search. Products are shown with all available features. Products shown are not guaranteed to be in stock. Contact a WillScot sales representative for a listing of products and features available.