Have a question? Here are the answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you need additional information, call us at 800-782-1500.

What type of modular building do I need?

People seek modular building space for a seemingly endless range of reasons, many of which require quick action. Here’s a quick overview of the modular buildings we provide.

  • Container offices are ground-level, onsite solutions ideal for immediate needs. They’re ISO certified, equipped with heat and AC, and secure, as they have fully welded weather-resistant steel corrugated exteriors and window guards made of tamper-proof screws.
  • Mobile office trailers are cost-efficient, convenient answers to many temporary office needs. WillScot offers a wide selection of sizes and floorplans, filling a variety of portable office space needs.
  • Section modular offices provide double the square footage of our standard mobile office trailers when you have a larger footprint to work with.
  • Panelized & stackable offices (up to three stories) are a great option for an even more sophisticated solution. These flexible, prewired offices feature panelized walls that allow for custom design configurations, helping customers overcome obstacles such as footprint constraints.
  • Sales offices provide an attractive and immediate onsite presence and can be tailored to your specific need.
  • Portable classrooms are an ideal solution when you need additional educational space for students due to aging and outdated facilities, overcrowded classrooms, growing student populations and shifting demographics.

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What do I need to take into consideration before leasing modular space?

Modular buildings are a great solution for a multitude of space needs. If you’re in need of temporary space and are considering modular buildings, here are a few things you should consider first:

  • Purpose: How will you be using the space?
  • Size: How many people will use the space?
  • Time: How long will you need the unit?
  • Location: Is the site easily accessible?
  • Extras: What other items do you need to make the space usable?
  • Responsibilities: Who’s in charge?

Check out our handy info-graphic for more information.


Do I need to get a permit for my modular building solution?

It depends. Permitting requirements vary and are your responsibility to obtain. Contact your local building department to determine what is required in your area.


What type of insurance do I need for my modular solution?

As part of your lease agreement, you are required to obtain General Liability and Property Insurance. For your convenience, we offer a General Liability Program, administered through Allen Insurance Group, and a Property Damage Waiver Program that satisfy these insurance needs. Both programs are available at an additional cost to your monthly rental fee. You can find out more information on these programs here.


What type of routine maintenance do I need to perform?

You are responsible for routine janitorial services and maintaining the general cleanliness of the unit. If the building has gutters, keep them free of debris. You are responsible for proper site drainage around the building and damage, deterioration or contamination of the unit due to water infiltration or exposure is not considered ordinary wear and tear. If a water leak occurs, it is your responsibility to notify WillScot immediately. Keep the unit properly ventilated. Air conditioning filters should be changed every 30 days. The evaporator coil, condenser coil and HVAC refrigerant should be checked, cleaned and filled as needed. All other air conditioning maintenance should be performed by trained and qualified HVAC technicians only. For additional information, please refer to our Service Guide.


How can I schedule service for my modular building?

Your lease includes services calls by WillScot and our authorized subcontractors for repairs resulting from routine wear and tear of the building (not including HVAC filters, fire extinguishers, fuses/breakers or light bulbs). To report an issue and schedule service you can complete our Service Request Form or call 800-782-1500 and press option 1 for service when prompted.


How can I make an online payment, request invoices or sign up for paperless invoicing?

To provide easy and efficient means of handling your invoicing needs, we’ve partnered with BillTrust. You can view, print and pay invoices online by going directly to: To enroll your account in the BillTrust portal, you will need your customer number and the enrollment token listed on your invoice. If you have any questions or need any assistance, you can contact our Customer Assistance team by calling 888-298-6553.


What site considerations need to be made prior to delivery of my modular solution?

In order for us to deliver your modular solution, a firm, level site that is accessible by truck/delivery equipment will be needed.


Do you offer any additional products or services for my modular solution?

Yes! As part of our innovative approach to temporary space solutions, we provide a variety of add-on products and packages that ensure your modular building is ready to work from day one. Steps, ramps, awnings and furniture packages are just a few of the additional products we offer. Learn more about our entire offering here.