Cooperative purchasing contracts expedite the procurement process for many public and private schools, colleges and universities, charter schools and local government agencies by streamlining the complexity and reducing the cost of the bid process.

Benefits of utilizing cooperative purchasing agreements include:

  • Streamlined cost, complexity and timeframe for procurement of necessary modular classrooms facilities
  • Duplicative bidding processes are minimized while remaining compliant with procurement best practices
  • Immediate access to school facilities
  • Specific needs and budgets of each school district are carefully considered
  • Multiple relocatable building sizes and specifications available for sale and lease
  • Additional options include steps, decks, ramps, and anchors
  • Efficient teaming arrangements with various complementary suppliers for roofing, carpeting, supplies, and equipment
  • No bid solicitation or bid bond required
  • Single point of contact / single source contact

We have a Region 4 Contract available through Omnia Partners.

Our contract provides public agencies and educational institutions who are participants of Omnia Partners in all 48 contiguous states convenient, streamlined access to modular buildings, portable storage and relocatable walkways. Utilizing Omnia Partners will save you time and money because a government entity, acting as the lead agency, competitively solicits and publicly awards contracts to suppliers, eliminating the bid process. Access WillScot's vendor page on the Omnia Partners website for more information.