Panelized & Stackable Offices: The future of modular space.

When you need a temporary space solution that offers maximum flexibility and design configurations, our AS Flex™ panelized & stackable offices are the perfect fit. Our panelized solution provides a modern, innovative design, smaller footprint, ground level access and interchangeable panels – including all glass panels  that allow you to fully customize your temporary space needs. All of our AS Flex panelized & stackable offices are made with durable, high quality materials that meet national and state building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes and are supported by the best customer service in the industry. As part of our 360° Service, we also provide a variety of additional products, including steps, ramps, and awnings, and convenient furniture packages thoughtfully designed to fit your space, saving you time and money, so that your space is outfitted with everything you need to be ready to work. With the ability to expand upwards (up to three stories) and outwards (infinitely), our AS Flex is truly "flexing" the boundaries of temporary space.

Single-Story AS Flex™
2-Story AS Flex™
3-Story AS Flex™