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Concurrent Construction™ Process & Project Timeline

When you’re planning the development of a new building, time to occupancy is an important consideration. Williams Scotsman’s Concurrent Construction™ process is an accelerated construction method that allows you to occupy your building faster, saving time and money.

Unlike the linear process used with conventional construction, Concurrent Construction enables construction stages to occur simultaneously rather than in sequence. As a result, site work and offsite construction of the building happen at the same time, which cuts the construction timeline in half.

More than 50 percent of the Concurrent Construction process occurs off-site in a factory-controlled environment, reducing risks and controlling quality. Site work (preparation, foundations and utilities) happens while the building’s modules are being fabricated in the factory. Individual modules are then shipped to the site for final installation.

Concurrent Construction Timeline


The Benefits of Concurrent Construction™

Concurrent Construction™

Traditional Construction

Concurrent Construction™ enables occupancy up to 50% faster than conventional construction, since the construction stages occur simultaneously Linear construction requires each stage of the construction process to be complete prior to proceeding
Controlled manufacturing processes and superior workmanship result in superior quality Potential for inconsistent quality due to weather delays and variances in workmanship
Flexibility makes expansion easier More engineering is required for expansion
Temporary/relocatable and permanent applications Permanent applications
Same construction materials and building code compliance Same construction materials and building code compliance
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