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Federal Military Modular Building Applications

The military continues to improve and modernize their facilities to meet the needs of service members and their families, as well as accommodate overall defense initiatives. Resident engineers and base procurement professionals can spend significant amounts of time researching a flexible, affordable and quality building solution. Modular construction takes the guesswork out of finding the best building approach.

Williams Scotsman has the technical expertise and capabilities to support the military’s facility needs. From base expansion or new construction to major renovations, Williams Scotsman can customize a quality and affordable modular building solution that will minimize disruption to everyday base operations and enable personnel to maintain maximum productivity.

In contrast to conventional construction’s linear process, where each stage must be completed prior to proceeding, Williams Scotsman’s Concurrent Construction™ process enables critical stages of the construction process to occur simultaneously thereby saving you time and money. Also, our factory-built structures can be constructed using the same sustainable materials as site-built buildings while still meeting all standards and code requirements.

Williams Scotsman’s modular buildings can support a variety of military applications, including:

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Williams Scotsman’s modular space solutions are available under the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule contract for prefabricated buildings and structures (GS-07F-0257M).