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Manufacturing Solutions

To be successful, it’s vital that manufacturers keep operations moving. We understand that you simply can’t afford production-related downtime.

When you need temporary or permanent space quickly to accommodate additional personnel, new plant construction, fabrication process modifications, facility renovations or even unforeseen emergencies caused by fire, flood, mold or asbestos, modular space is your dependable, flexible solution.

Whether you require an in-plant office for engineers to review plans, a temporary building to accommodate staff during construction of a permanent facility, or a large multi-section administrative complex, we can help. We also provide a wide range of storage space solutions to safeguard inventory or raw material from harsh conditions and theft.

Williams Scotsman is the source for clean, workable space for the manufacturing and fabrication industry – where safety is always a top priority. With 80 branches located throughout North America, our sales and service staff are ready to accommodate all your space needs.

Your Needs

Our Solutions

Engineer/architect/employee offices
Administrative space
Break/lunch rooms
Swing space
Modular buildings
Temporary engineer/personnel offices
Maintenance facilities
Mobile office solutions
Restrooms and/or shower facilities
Guard booths for high risk environments or secure work areas
In-plant offices
Specialty offices
Portable storage for tools, equipment and raw materials
Inventory and furniture storage
Storage containers
Larger space to accommodate additional personnel and operations Section modulars and modular complexes
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